Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wake Up or Lose: Reality of Mine Facing Devil's Canyon

Wake up or lose. Shout out! Be heard, stop being a number and start being a voice. One hundred thousand voices are hard to tune out.

I signed a petition last year to let the government know I do not want Oak Flats handed over to a mine. Over a hundred thousand people signed more than one petition telling the government NOT to hand over mining rights yet they did.

Today I stared at the simple response from the President's Office, it said that he did not support what happened but he did nothing to stop it. He just encouraged the politicians and mining company to play nice. I am not political. I don't care for either team, they both spend more time on appearances then on really working for the good of their districts.

Over one hundred thousand people got ignored.  You can see it on the We the People Petition site.

Take a moment and check out youtube videos from Devil's Canyon Arizona. Look at the Photography of Elias Butler, you can find him on facebook or hiking the Canyon trying to capture every moment and memory he can.

What would you do or say if it was the Grand Canyon about to be placed off limits?

What can you do?

Be vocal. Write politicans and share information with friends. There are Occupists in Oak Flats Campground, support them or connect with them. Tell your friends about Devil's Canyon. Add it to your list of places to go and explore. This is a place that should not be missed on your list of "Coolest places you have ever hiked."
This is about all of us losing an amazing place. It has historical significance to the Apache. It is about whether we are wise enough to say that this view, this experience, is worth more than a mining company's profit. Why are we going to allow a mining company to destroy this for some copper that may be 9000 feet down? There are other places to mine. Leave Devil's Canyon Alone.