Sunday, May 24, 2015

Taos: Free Spirits and Dreamers Welcome

In the mountains of New Mexico, nestled in clouds and mountains lies Taos.

The scenery called for artists to capture its beauty. Small town feel, friendly people and artists left and right. We arrived in time for Dennis Hopper Day, May 17; the "new" 4-20. We dressed in our finest smiles and sparkling eyes, we went to join the fun. Clips from Easy Rider with commentary played as we juggled watching and meeting new friends. Robbie Romero and Robert Mirabal, along with other talented musicians played an exceptional variety of songs that kindled the free and beautiful spirits in the room. I found myself drumming on the railing as I surveyed the joyful room below.

Dennis Hopper was a free spirit, he appreciated that in others. We started the evening in a circle, in a prayer together to the heartbeat of a drum. Easy Rider, exploring the country on motorcycles while we explore in van and car following our hearts and going where the wind takes us with contracts and work as it comes. 

We wandered Taos for several days, exploring history through museums, graveyards, and discussions with locals. We admired masterful artworks, grateful that Taos chose to become a haven for creative thinkers, dreamers and doers.

The words "cheap import" never came to mind, those things were not there. Prices were based on quality, everything was marked reasonably.

We went to the Rio Grande Gorge, watched a rainbow form over the vast bridge stretching from the depths of the Gorge to embrace the bridge as we stood there. A limping coyote came out, golden in the sun. It watched us, ate scraps of food discarded by tourists and seemed to watch the sky and world go by with us. It felt like a gift to have such beautiful company.

This fall we want to plan better, to reach out and connect to entertain at venues there as we pass through, to offer our dreams and gifts to such a beautiful place.