Monday, August 24, 2015

Life is a River

Currents bring us together and pull at us trying to move us along to an unknown ocean. We find ourselves marveling at brief moments of connection and inspiration, wading through the tedium of traffic and glamorless to do lists.

Last week held a visit to the Chicago Botanical gardens, seeing the corpse flower preparing for ten years to bloom. The flower will reek of rotting meat and last less than a day. I went to meditate at King Sauna in Chicago, only to find it a sad, small version of the Dallas one. I went into different rooms to clear my mind, but there was a constant loud urban buzz of conversation even in the midnight hour that penetrated the tranquil mineral lined walls of the sauna rooms. Several local ladies mentioned the noise, warning me with their frustrated conversation. They noted they prefer to go to the Russian Banya in town, the Red Door.

In my mind, I was ready to step into peaceful meditation. To become a puddle of thought, intention and release. To take the time to think on all of my friends, to picture each and send them positive thoughts and love. I was mentally prepared for Dallas King Sauna, with its quiet and serene atmosphere. I wasn't ready for the irritating buzz that made my mind feel like I was standing on a mild electrical current like some strange sad bug.

I left.

I may try Red Door I may let it pass.

We went out in the canoe on Bush Lake in Minnesota, playing with the theory of using wind power by holding an umbrella but that did not quite work as an effective sail.

This week I'm watching time slide through my fingers quicker than my grasp. Next week will be here faster than a nice, long hot shower. Time and its variable pace seem determined to watch me dance, amused at my two left feet. Many companies profit off our desperate battle to conserve time, knowing we will pick a known mediocre over a potential excellent exerpience because we've got an idea of what to expect.

Today, I voted with my wallet. I went to a local shop and had the best sub sandwich I've had in years. I read reviews of area eateries in Antioch, Wisconsin. Sadly, Taco Bell had one of the highest reviews. Restaurant owners, cooks have you forgotten that the consumer wants food you prepare not food you slop out of a can? We can all open cans and make push button microwave meals. Serve real food! Seeing some of the local options with canned cheese food product poured in a pudding textured clump on my baked potato has become the best appetite killer I've found. I miss Tres Banderas, cooking the sauces from scratch, chopping the vegetables fresh, and making healthy food.

What we buy and what we share is what there becomes more of. No excuses, let's try to choose wisely. Let's pick our vitamins based on their absorption rather than price, marketing slogan or company name. Let's consider that choosing wisely conserves more quality time for the future.

Life is a River. If you pour garbage in, you get garbage. Your river may pollute others or end up in a nasty muck pool where it stagnated until the sun dries it up. How you choose to live effects more than you. If you tend the waters, the environment around you, your river is lovely and healthy. Your river could become an ocean.

This week I'm moving fast but I will still take time for the sunsets. I will still vote with my dollar. I will eat wisely. How about you?