Monday, March 7, 2016

How important are the little things?

Years ago I did as society hinted I should. I married right after college. I did my own divorce shortly after that. The details were all wrong. He did not know my favorite color, my favorite movies, music, or even my goals and dreams. Details. After I left a detail stood out.

For half a year the only change in the shampoo and soap came when I showered. I wondered at how they never changed yet he didn't reek like someone who has skipped using soap would. My brother told me the night I left, he already had a replacement woman over for the night. I was relieved. Perhaps he'd take the time to learn her details. I knew his. They didn't match mine.

Details like body language and general appearance come together to shape how others perceive us.

Have you ever wondered why others treat you in certain ways?

Change your expression. Change your posture. Change your clothes. Change your jewelry. Change shoes. What doesn't change? How mindful are you of you?
Have you tried shifting one habit, one telling detail?

One little change can be the difference between fear or excitement of facing a new challenge.

Our beliefs and assumptions are invisible constructs within us, beautiful and sometimes terrible. Do you know what unspoken rules you've shaped yourself with? They stretch and bend across the page unrecognized in your handwriting, body language and in the words you use. My lessons on handwriting analysis with Ruth Ballard's incredible knowledge and experience has opened new realms of awareness. Analyzing, analyzing and delving into new levels of scientific comprehension of humanity! Humbling, reality shifting, empowering details finally communicate across the barrier of consciousness.

Little things are the difference between appearing inept or masterful; appearing flustered or calm, and they often determine how others respond to us.

What do the little things say about you?