Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Matters Most

Days rush past like a boat caught in a strong current. Time seems to race itself, bringing sunsets before anticipated. How could days slip by so swiftly, distracting us with details.
Cactus are starting to flower, the beauty of a vivid flower rainbow on desert hillsides. Golden blooms on Palo Verde trees turn a red, brown and green landscape into a golden soft world one could slip away into full of whimsy and light.
What have I accomplished today becomes who have I enjoyed time with? How many moments spent with friends as we grow, heal, laugh, play and share each other's struggles. Of only we could see ourselves with the eyes of our loved one's hearts, how different we would see ourselves. All the little details which warp and look in our minds and hearts would shrink back down and vanish in one long concentrated look.
We keep chasing sunsets, visiting various parks and trails to compare sunset landscapes and spend time with various friends. Who today? Where today? Why not today?
Plans to be made, tasks to be done before heading out to my next gigs, and time to live and enjoy just being.
Each day has a to do list, each day should also have a time to live list- without time to love. It is important to appreciate what you love whether it's sunsets or stand up comedy; swimming or reading our health and mood suffer when we are under negative stress and they suffer even worse when we don't balance the negative with positive.
The desert blooms, Spring wears her loveliest dress and amidst busy days we try take the time to appreciate her before she races into Summer.
May you notice the nuances of beauty around you, the artworks, statues, flowers and people you meet! May they appreciate you as well!