Monday, April 4, 2016

Plotting A Course

So many details to consider as the summer approaches. Contracts loom with excitement and potential for new experiences, new places and magic!

I water the potato plants, hoping the nine do well before the desert summer bakes them in the ground. I look at the succulents I'm trying to root wondering if they will fare better here or with me in Texas. We have gone through our tools and supplies dividing them tactically for my trip to Texas. Preparing for a long excursion isn't just loading the car, it is trips to favorite places to soak in the moments and sounds to carry forward. Sunsets, cactus flowers, and quality time with Danny, Sadhu, Gracie, Bruce, and local friends I may not see for several weeks or several months.
Anticipation rivals with melancholy. Knowing I will miss those I love, anticipating those I love and haven't seen enough of in the last few years. Wondering where in the country the contracts will take me. Wondering if chance will offer up the opportunity to share moments with thoserestlessmy heart yet far away. It would be amazing to get back up to the Seattle area; to finally set foot in Maine and see Michael and Jennifer; or back to Florida to see friends there again. So many places I could end up stepping out of a plane to experience.

Will I remember everything I need?
I could spend all day making a list or I can make physical piles and use the visual cues to make sure I don't miss critical details. Canvas, paints, dress, hat, sound system all loaded, faire boots, chemises, bubble wands, stripey socks and lane sign. Books on body language reading and handwriting analysis, Cherokee Myths and history, and Bavarian Fairy Tales. Plans to redesign the Winter Queen dress and make up with Rosemary, hopefully setting up a night of macabre stories to catch better promotional material for her.
Amidst the contracts in the next few months the goal is to prepare for a Sundance in Taos in June then head to Bristol. Looking at other events in the fall and winter for The Painted Lady, The Winter Queen, or Angela Hunt: Handwriting Analyst to become a part of.
The hectic goes away with the gardening. Watching the vibrant green leaves unfurl and shade the ground. Seeing more and more plants like stems through the ground reaching and stretching for the sky. Looking forward to the garden and plants I nurture in Scarborough, the plants are old friends I visit with my morning coffee. Our conversation is water on the soil around them, my hands ripping out weed roots to offer them no competition on the nutrient rich soil.

Together in those moments my mind savors beautiful memories and moments, soothed by the green life surrounding me. When I travel it is the wind that speaks to me, nudging me to explore and whispering feelings that are indefinable and vast. I will miss the Arizona sunsets but look forward to my Texas friends. Each of their smiles is worth a sunset and just as lovely. Technology makes everyone seem close until they are actually close and the difference is incredible. You are in my thoughts today, perhaps this summer our paths will cross and I will be more than a virtual ghost in your real world.