Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jealousy And Where It Leads

Two children watch a third smiling and laughing, freely enjoying a lively day. One child glowers while the other smiles. One would join the play, while the other intensely wants it to stop- jealous of the happiness, the attention draw, the feeling.
Jealousy is a worm that destroys rational reaction. It causes pain, vicious words and vengeful action. Rationalization tries to hide it in politically correct outrage. Perhaps claiming laws are broken or some mistake is blown out of proportion, perhaps the truth is simply allowed to go.on holiday so that the ridiculous can saunter around making choices even someone drunk would find incomprehensible.

Walking around the block to watch someone you allegedly love, just to spy. Either you trust someone or you do not. When you do not trust someone, jealousy runs rampant in your choices regarding how you deal with them. Punishing them, feeling vindicated by chastising them or feeling a need to schedule and monitor every minute twists a relationship into something destructive. You push them away when you jab in the metaphorical marionette strings.

If you have a loved one who has scars that predispose them to suffocating under waves of jealousy, look at what is the real heart of the problem. Is it how they feel treated? Where does the trust take a nose dive, what can you do to get it back on course?

Actions. Words. Two different things that should never be grouped together. Body language. Listening. Communication. Acceptance. Trust. Some religions seem to encourage jealousy and egocentrism in a manner that fosters seeking to punish those who are different or respect different religious philosophies. They would argue but the jealousy of some Christian sects watching people dance or drink alcohol while resenting the freedom and joy of those reveling. Those sects pushing against freedom to stop people with different beliefs from making them uncomfortable and jealous. I use this as an example but historically many religious groups make different behaviors taboo- which only enhances interest in them as well as desire to do them and jealousy of those who do them freely.

Clear communication, accountability, getting to the root of that hurt feeling. Perhaps in your strength, you can help heal an old wound in someone you love.
Talk to them, listen to them, heal them.

Quality in all relations. Our society will improve if we stop worrying about and resenting what the neighbors have. Rather than ranting and throwing fits like noisy squirrels.