Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Magic Moments Happen Everyday

How do you approach the day? Does your awareness embrace each moment? Do you savor the positives in your life or are you caught on the one way roundabout of gripping and resentments?

Looking at the downs, they are heavy and hard but we should acknowledge then work through them. Let them go. Negativity just feeds stress.

Who fosters the positive in your life? How many times in a day do you find yourself repeating stories? Are they stories that stress and drain the listener or stories that bring a smile and a laugh? Everyone needs validation and to vent sometimes but if you're finding excuses to gripe or to rehash the same frustrating tale over and over- then it's time to stop. I look at Danny's best friend Danny, blowing up squealing balloons for the kids at free music nights in the park. He's having a great time and so are the children. Parents are relaxing as they enjoy the music, knowing the whole family is having a special time together with the community in Longmont at the music nights. 

Time to change a bad habit. I send the people I love text pictures of beautiful sights. They send me pictures or love. Recently we started a habit of taking a sunset picture and sharing it. A little thing with huge impact: smiles, thoughts of loved ones, short conversations focused on appreciation. At least once a day regardless of how rough or dark things are, we fill our thoughts and hearts with beauty.

I've got over a thousand pictures just this year from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. I enjoy looking through them. Thinking of everyone at Tres Banderas, Renaissance festivals, and all the other friends we made along the way and hoping their doing well rather than thinking yet again of stress, tight budgets, the unknown, and all the other gnawing factors of life. Either you are devoured by the negative or you rise above it, lifted on the hearts of friends.

Magic Moments Happen Everyday if you choose to accept them. You are worth it and you never know when you might have missed the moment until it's gone.